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Re: gt4 to date...

Dale, only heard your voice a couple of times on Matt's mic, but dude, that is a shit load of work you've done there. Nice work every step of the way. Nice to see you doing that and not just "chavving" it up like so many people do.

Hope you're getting the performance benefits out of it that you hoped for. Did I miss it, or did you not post it? But, what make/model is the turbo unit on that? Kind of interested as I know the kinds of turbos that Fiat coupe owners use. Mainly GT28r models for the uprated ones, gives serious improvents and manageable boost. Most of them are using the Blitz controler the same as the one you have.

But again, nice work dude, hope it all pays off for you, it's nice to drive 'em when you've done that much work and it pays off. Let us know how things go with this and any futre projects / plans, I like to keep my ears open when it comes to Car upgrades :D
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