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DCSB was formed on July 9th 2002, initially as a joke off the back of disbanded clan Dead Cell (DC). Before its death, there was a running joke that DC stood for Dead Cows after the hacker group when a public player made the mistake. After its death RogueJedi and Blade made the joke that the 'dead cows would strike back' and began to wear a DCSB tag! hence the name, Dead Cows Strike Back.

Lead by Mole, DCSB was origionally a non competitive, fun clan made up of 4 local friends and a couple of other guys with the same interests of having some fun in Deus Ex MultiPlayer. We grew in strength over time going from our Tripod hosted website onto hosting our own domain (origionally dxcows.com, and later dcsb.co.uk) and forums. We built ourselves into a highly respected clan, involved in many community based projects from maps and mods to websites and tutorials.

Eventually DCSB began to branch out. We had played other games here and there but never really gotten into them fully, until Unreal 2: eXpanded MultiPlayer.
In January 2004 we entered into the first season of the Jolt XMP League (JXL) and with Mole, Nexus, and OnYx at the helm we began to build a team. Everything seemed to be in pieces until it all fell into place just before our first match, winning that and a scrim shortly after it.
Suddenly we realised that playing organised matches side by side with your clan mates was alot more enjoyable than just playing publics (there were never many clan games in DXMP). And so began an area of playing up to 3 clan games per night 7 days a week and being a little more competitive. The clan was involved in many things community-wide. Administration and playing in leagues, hosting of servers though 2 members own hosting company, casting scrims and matches with XMPTV, even designing and creating our own XMP mod, Raptor Race 2004.

As the XMP scene died off at the end of 2004, so did the XMP side of DCSB. Nexus chose to leave and create a new clan, Clan[1] and Mole made the decision to mix the 2 sides of DCSB (XMP and DXMP, formerly separate websites, forums, players, etc) into one clan. Clashes eventually lead to alot of the XMP players going to Clan[1] and sticking together out of friendship. for that same reason, even though not all are in the same clan the old XMP team are still very much in contact to the present.

In January 2005 a rebuilding process began and BFG stepped up to help in a leadership role and keep the balance as we began to get into newer games. By the time the clan split was over we were already into HL2DM. Zebib and ZerF joined the clan and went on to prove themselves as the #1 2vs2 team in europe. Although we managed to pick up 2 other top players including Sono (of Mousesports), 4 vs 4 HL2DM didnt really pick up for us and the game soon died off.

Mole announced DCSB's official retirement from DXMP in August of 2005, and the year was one of wandering from one game to the next. We played Counterstrike: Source for a few months, competing in the Team Warfare Leagues and reaching a top 3 position in all 3 of the European ladders there, but the team died off with a cleanout of the members list in an effort to make a more mature community.
The DCSB guild was also formed in Guild Wars as a bit of a time waster while waiting to find a good team based FPS we could all get into.

January 2006 saw Spoon and Airwalk drag DCSB into the Dystopia community. We entered into the leagues and got involved on forums, IRC, and anything we could to help in the upkeep of the small community. Mole became an admin for the Dystopia Global league, as well as Mole, BFG, Spoon, and Bob Dole being offered positions on the Dystopia beta testing team.
Sadly the Dystopia community went south as the game became less enjoyable. Those of us testing the full V1 release found it to not quite be the 'holy grail' it was thought to be and the competitive scene died off as more and more players dropped off from the game.
In November Airwalk took over the Dystopia side of DCSB, arranging the teams and finding players that could play for a DCSB side without becoming full DCSB members so that those that wanted to play some games still could. Soon enough Airwalks efforts have paid off and we once again have a growing team competing in the league, and he has also brought some new faces to DCSB that have become full cows thanks to how well they have fit in with the rest of us.

After a brief time in Battlefield 2142, playing 4 scrims and winning all 4, April 2007 saw DCSB begin playing recently released Half Life 2 mod Revolt: The Decimation.
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